““My background is typically athletic; I played a lot of team sports at different levels and have usually had fitness and sport involved in my life somehow. When I first started working out with Isaac in March of 2008 I was in the worst shape of my life. Now 26 months later and approaching my 40th birthday I think I am in the best shape of my life. The first 12 months were spent getting back in shape and losing 50 lbs. Working with Isaac helped me to do that in a number of ways. His programming was creative, fun and varied, allowing me to always push myself as far as I wanted. He also did a great job working around any injuries and limitations I had, which kept me in the gym and didn’t allow me to get off track. The last 12 months have been spent getting me to a level I didn’t think possible when I started. Isaac knows what I need to work on, how hard I need to work and is always pushing me to the next level. For me, that next level is often trying to catch him and I find it important to have a trainer that can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. When you work out at Pure Payne the only thing you need to bring is intensity. Whether your goal is losing 20 lbs, a 500lb deadlift, or pushing yourself beyond what you thought possible, if you bring the intensity, Isaac will get you there.””

Nick Wood, 47

 “Burpees, deadlifts, boxjumps……none of these would be possible for me without the strength and conditioning training from Isaac at purepayne fitness. The positive benefits of this kind of training include improved strength, weight loss, lost inches and a real sense of accomplishment. Isaac makes working out challenging yet fun. A healthy sense of competition among the participants pushes you to attempt then achieve new levels of strength and fitness. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and have developed a new perspective on what is it to be fit and 50.”

Nancy Hewer, 57

“Isaac’s style of training has helped me achieve a level of fitness I could never achieve on my own. His ability to make customized programs to meet my goals are amazing. The workouts have lots of variety and intensity so I’m always challenged and I never get bored. Isaac has also helped me to stay motivated and consistent with my training over the last year which has made a huge difference in my results. Thanks again for everything Isaac!”

Dan, 38

Dan, 38

“At 53 years old, I’ve never looked or felt better in my life! Thanks to Isaac’s motivation and effective training program, I’ve been able to increase my strength, energy levels, and cut a lot of annoying fat from around my waist. I recommend Isaac’s training system to anyone who’s serious about their health and fitness!”

Ted, 53

“Before I met Isaac, I used to got go to the gym and train 1 or 2 body parts a day for couple hours. My strength increased a little bit but I felt horrible. It wasn’t until I started training with Isaac and his system that I noticed considerable increases in my strength and lean muscle. My body fat dropped dramatically and I was able to play competitive basketball again. Isaac’s training changed the way I think about working out forever!”

Deep Dhillon, 30

“Before I started training with Isaac, I was basically a couch potato because of an old back injury that required surgery. I’ve been training with Isaac for over 7 months now. Since then, I’ve decreased my pain by 90%, lost 20lbs and I’m feeling stronger and better than ever! Thanks to Isaac’s training methods, my quality of life is much better. Thanks for everything Isaac!”

Adrian, 35

 “I never really enjoyed going to the gym. I always found it to be a boring chore. When I found Isaac and his training program, my outlook on working out totally changed. He has found a way to make workouts intense yet effective. His training program has literally transformed my body and I’ve never felt better in my life! His training style is the way to go!”

Dave Munster, 35

“I’ve spent over 30 years in the gym but I quit because my joints were killing me and quite frankly I was in horrible shape. It wasn’t until I started training with Isaac that my body started to feel good again. My stamina was improving by the week and I was enjoying lifting again which was something I hadn’t experienced for many years. Thanks to Isaac’s training methods, I look forward to working out again and I’ve surpassed a lot of strength goals that I had set out for myself. At 50 years young, I feel way better than I ever did in my 30s and 40s. I now know what it truly feels like to be fit.”

Major, 51

“I don’t just talk the talk, I WALK THE WALK! For over a decade, all I did was old school bodybuilding workouts. Despite enduring long tough workouts and gaining some muscle, I sacrificed EVERY OTHER APSECT of my fitness along the way. I had no conditioning to speak of, absolutely horrible mobility, and joint pain everywhere. I was SICK of the “pump!” After discovering this new system of training, I was able to not only maintain my strength and muscle but I also dropped excess body fat and dramatically improved my stamina and endurance without destroying my body in the process. At the age of 38, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Isaac Payne, 38

“This is a groundbreaking day for me. 7 months ago, I joined Isaac’s fitness club to battle the struggle to get fit to chase 3 kids around as they get more active. When I started I struggled to do 10 situps or run a couple of minutes on the treadmill.  Today, I’m down 30 pounds and I just ran 20 minutes on the treadmill. I’d like to include that Isaac transformed me while considering a lower back issue I’ve been dealing with for many years.  Thank you, Isaac Payne!!”

Ben McKenzie, 41

“Chloe’s training style is by far the best I have ever encountered. I’ve been training with her for over a year and have seen amazing results and have never felt better. She never has the same workout twice, which is very refreshing as a person who gets bored very easily. The workouts are extremely challenging both physically and mentally, but with Chloe there as a constant source of motivation, positive energy and of course a witty comment at just the right moment you always manage to finish the session and feel fantastic! She brings a fresh approach to intense personal training, in an extremely enjoyable way. I recommend taking one session with Chloe, you will definitely be coming back for more!”

Gemma Downey, 33

“After gaining 35lbs in 3 years, I knew I had to do something about it.  Without Isaac I could not have lost the weight and gained the strength I have today.  There were many days I wanted to give up because the results weren’t coming fast enough.  He would tell me “it took time to put the weight on and it will take time to lose it.” So glad I listened to him, because he was right. He has helped me achieve my goals with his “no excuses” attitude. He’s tough but very professional.  Training with Isaac has given me the confidence to runa spartan race!! This is something I would have only dreamed of doing in the past. Thank you Isaac for all the support you’ve given me.”

Ronnie Khaira, 41